Shown: Downtown Los Angeles features spectacular sunsets glimmering off of high-rise buildings. The view can be enjoyed from many rooftop venues, including loftSEVEN.

Downtown Los Angeles is the central business district of Los Angeles, California, as well as a diverse residential neighborhood of some 50,000 people. During the day an influx of workers swells the population to more than 200,000.

In mid-2013, Downtown was noted as "a neighborhood with an increasingly hip and well-heeled residential population" (David Pierson, Los Angeles Times).

Because of the downtown office market's migration west to Bunker Hill and the Financial District, many historic office buildings have been left intact, simply used for storage or remaining empty during recent decades. In 1999, the Los Angeles City Council passed an adaptive reuse ordinance, making it easier for developers to convert outmoded, vacant office and commercial buildings into renovated lofts and luxury apartment and condo complexes.

As of early 2009, 14,561 residential units have been created under the adaptive reuse ordinance, leading to an increase in the residential population. With 28,878 residents in 2006 and 39,537 in 2008, a 36.9% increase, Downtown Los Angeles is seeing new life and investment.

Downtown Los Angeles is home to gourmet restaurants, farmers markets, exciting night life, museums, areas, concert halls, and so much more.

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